The Economic Club of Lapeer County promises its members an opportunity to make new acquaintenances, obtain information and ideas from leaders in business and related fields and an opportunity to contribute to the economic development in the county. Six luncheons are held throughout the year, typically between January - May and September - December.

Annual Membership is based on a calendar year. There are three types of memberships:

Individual Membership 
The annual Individual Membership fee is $200 per individual. The dues include six luncheons. The guest and spouse fee is $25/luncheon.

Corporate Membership
The annual Corporate Membership is $575 for up to three employees, which results in a savings of $25. Any additional employee enrolled with a corporate membership after the initial three is charged $175, which is another savings of $25. The dues include six luncheons. The guest and spouse fees are $25/luncheon.

Retiree Membership
The annual Retiree Membership is $100 which includes attendance at 3 lunches or $150 to attend all six lunches.
The guest and spouse fees are $25/luncheon.

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For further information:
810 667-0080

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