Imlay City @150 POP

IC POP bldg

The Imlay City DDA owned building at 150 Bancroft Street offers entrepreneurs, artists or event organizers use of space for limited time periods (up to 6 months).

A pop-up is a temporary use in under-utilized space. Pop-ups allow an  entrepreneur to test their business in a location for a month(s) instead of a year (or more) required by a lease. It creates the opportunity to make money, make adjustments and prove to financers and landlords that a business can succeed.

The DDA will

  •         Provide a clean and user-friendly space
  •           Provide marketingtools
  •          Assist in zoning and other City regulations
  •          Provide the tenant with an Entrepreneur Resource Guide
  •          Match tenant with a mentor who will be a local, established
            business owner

  •         Assist in finding a permanent space

For more information contact:

Imlay City DDA
Lorrelei Natke, Executive Director