About the Club

Members have the opportunity to:

  • make new acquaintances
  • network with leaders of business, government, education and industry
  • obtain information and ideas from business and political leaders, journalists, sports figures and other celebrities
  • attend six luncheons per year
  • an opportunity to contribute to the economic development of Lapeer County


While returning from a Detroit Economic Club luncheon, a group of businessmen declared that a similar organization in Lapeer County would be successful. That positive attitude led to the establishment of the Economic Club of Lapeer County.
The Economic Development Corporation of Lapeer County provided the needed leadership to inaugurate the incorporation of the Club. And in April, 1982 white linen, fresh cut flowers and an enthusiastic address by Joseph Morris, President and Chief Executive Officer of Champion Home Builders, greeted the membership. The other featured speakers in 1982 were Manown Kisor, Jr., the Executive Vice President of Detroit Bank & Trust, Malcolm Lovell, Jr., the U.S. Department of Labor Under Secretary and Charles Muer, the President of C.A. Muer Corporation.
The Economic Club of Lapeer County promised its subscribers that membership would provide an opportunity to make new acquaintances, obtain information and ideas from leaders in business and related fields and an opportunity to contribute to the economic development of Lapeer County. For those who attended the luncheons, all three items were delivered.
Success is a difficult commodity to measure.  With 160 members and an average attendance of 90 at each luncheon, it can be surmised that the Economic Club of Lapeer County was a success in 1982 and still is today.
2016 Economic Club Committee
Paul Bowman, Chairman
Don Mosher, Vice Chairman
John Biscoe, Mike Burke, Bart Buxton, Curt Carter, Andy Harrington,
Monique Holliday-Bettie, Kevin Keane, Dale Kerbyson  
Speaker recommendations from the membership are strongly encouraged.