Enterprise Center of Lapeer


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              Enterprise Center I                                                           Enterprise Center II
     449 McCormick Drive, Lapeer, MI                                    401 McCormick Drive, Lapeer, MI
           4   -  2,000  sq.ft. areas                                              5,816 sq.ft. (816 sq. ft. office area)

The Enterprise Center of Lapeer was established to assist start up small businesses. The incubator will help budding new entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses by providing the necessary business needs.

           Flexibly Divided Manufacturing Space            Government Procurement
           Office Services                                                     Business Plan Assistance
           Technical Assistance                                           Job Training Grants
           Marketing Assistance                                         Business Interaction/Networking
           Export Assistance                                               Individualized Counseling
           Financial Packaging/Assistance

The space is available at market rates. Office services are provided on a fee basis which include letters and reports, telephone answering, use of a copy machine and a conference room. 

An entrepreneur with a new idea and who has the committment to learn to be a successful business person should consider the Enterprise Center of Lapeer. Criteria for entry includes: potential job creation, product promise, management potential and beginning financial resources.
Applicants will be evaluated by the City of Lapeer TIFA Board. The board will determine, with the tenant, when it is time to graduate to a separate location. No set time period has been predetermined for a new business. The relocation decision will be based on the financial capability and management ability of the tenant.

For further information contact Lapeer Development Corporation.